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The Value of Management Qualifications

According to the Chartered Management Institute (www.managers.org) only 20% of the UK’s 4.3 million managers are qualified. How does this measure up in your organisation. Have the managers achieved their current positions based on experience, competence, competencies or qualification? It is an interesting question and one that I feel will have a varied response. They are all equally valuable and often a combination works best but further research shows that qualified managers are generally more productive and tend to retain people longer.

Of those that are qualified 41% hold below a Level 2 qualification, just 38.5 % are qualified at level 4 and above, compared to 80.9 % in other professional occupations.

These findings were based on an online survey of Chartered Management Institute Members carried out during 2007.

From an employers perspective 81% of managers disagreed that offering qualifications causes a high turnover among qualified staff and from an individual manager’s perspective 84% of managers agreed that taking a management qualification had increased their self awareness.

Some barriers to take up of management qualifications are their impact on manager’s families and other interests and financial costs.

There seems to be a high level of demand for cross sector generic management qualifications with ‘portability’ being the most valued quality (95% agreement)

The research goes on to recommend that managers need to take responsibility for seeking to maintain the employability by developing a range of transferable skills and providing evidence of their ability to deliver.

Employers should recognise how management qualifications can offer clear benefits in terms of productivity gains, staff attraction and improved professional reputation.

Source: The Value of Management Qualifications Report published by the Chartered Management Institute Sept 2007


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For information on Management qualifications click here or visit www.managers.org.uk

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